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Employment Contract and Other Employment Law Documentation
​This can be anything that governs the employment relationship, from simple low cost statements of main terms to lengthy contracts necessary for working spending time abroad as part of their role. We'll provide value for money and give you practical advice on your requirements that will give you peace of mind.

​If you're operating a small retail outlet, you probably won't need a complicated contract and a short but accurate one will work fine. If you employ Sales Managers using social media and controlling many valuable buyer relationships, you might regret not taking the time to ensure their contract is up to scratch. SME's will need a different level of protection and more detailed documentation. We'll make sure you have the right documentation in place to suit your business requirements.

​We'll also look at the interaction between your policies and other core employment document to reduce your risk to an absolutel minimum. This includes consideration of contract clauses created to suit your requirements with non-dealing/non-solicitation/no-hire/non-competition clauses, for example.

​Company Employee Handbooks
​Some HR companies draft Company handbooks that are fully linked to the employee's contractual terms and conditions. It might not seem like this could be a problem, but every time you want to update a handbook policy, you may need to consider consulting your workers because it might constitute a contractual change. You may also find yourself committing a breach of contract if you fail to follow your own procedures, as well as numerous other problems.

Existing Documents Review and Updating
​This is an advice service on the suitability of your current documents. One size does not fit all.
Deductions Agreements
There are a number of reasons why you may need to make a deduction from a worker's pay/ This may be for training costs, stock shortages, payroll miscalculations or even malicious damage. 

Settlement Negotiations
If you're considering using a negotiated settlement regarding a departing employee, you'll want to know that it covers the particular claims you are concerned about and that it reflects any other terms which you require. As an employer, you need to be careful about approaching the idea of a settlement with your employee. Firstly, because regardless of the strength of the employee's potential claim against you, if there is a perception that you have acted unresonably, it will make reaching a reaosnable settlement amount more difficult.

A disgruntled employee may not be aware that their claim is weak but this will not prevent them from commencing an Employment Tribunal claim against you. It is at this stage that investing time and energy into the process will save you from recieving an ET1 from the Employment Tribunal late on.

Are you worried about Employment Tribunal Claims? Have you recieved an Employment Tribunal Claim from a former employee?
Cora can review your circumstances and advise you on the best course of action. Whilst every case is different, it may be possible to have the claim against you struck out to prevent the problem escalating. We specialise in all aspects of Employment Law.

Whether you require advice on a single matter or support for ongoing employment law compliance, Cora is here to help.

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